Square Enix Exploring Other Options To Make Up E3 2020 Cancellation

When it comes to gaming industry events, it can be argued that E3 is the biggest. Held annually, the video game event is a means to showcase what is coming out into the market from developers and publishers. This is where new game announcements can pick up traction online along with hardware unveils. E3 2020 was going to pivot more towards entertaining those that attend the event without a press badge and while there were still conferences set for media to enjoy, we will have to postpone the expo until 2021.

With the coronavirus spreading, the ESA opted to cancel E3 2020 in hopes of keeping everyone safe and healthy. There would have likely been a few companies opting not to attend as well if the show had gone on. So with E3 2020 officially cancelled, we’re hearing from several companies regarding their support over ESA’s decision to cancel the event. Of course, with that said, it does look like there are some companies opting to hold a livestream event.

For instance, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer alerted his followers on Twitter that an online experience would be coming out to showcase the content planned for E3. Other companies have also alerted fans that they would be exploring new ideas as well which we can now say that Square Enix is doing the very same thing. 

Announced through their Twitter account, Square Enix stated that they stand with the ESA’s decision while also exploring other options when it comes to sharing video games with their fan base. More information is to come so we’ll have to wait and see just what Square Enix has planned. We’re sure there will be a few video uploads showcasing upcoming content to make up for E3 2020 cancellation, but it does have us wondering if this is going to turn into a trend next year with E3 2021 is less about the media conferences and more aimed at a celebration towards video games and the industry behind them.

Source: Twitter