Here’s The Current Status Of Alternative E3 2020 Livestream Conferences So far

The coronavirus has become a pandemic and it’s affecting individuals worldwide. While the CDC attempts to find a way to combatant the virus and prevent it from spreading any further or mutating, we have seen some industries become affected. For instance, the video game industry has been hit in a few different ways. We have the likes of low production runs for certain units, the threat of others being hit with low production is starting to loom over companies, and of course, a slew of events have been cancelled.

One of the events that were hit with a cancellation was E3 which is arguably the biggest expo for announcing new video game titles along with hardware. While E3 2020 is not going to happen this year, there are several companies announcing that they would deliver fans an online event of some sort. While not all of the conferences that were slated to happen at E3 have an event set in stone quite yet, here is the latest information that we know about so far.


Xbox head, Phil Spencer, was quick to make a comment on E3 2020 cancellation through his Twitter account. We knew prior that Microsoft had planned to hold a conference at E3 2020 where we would have likely gotten not only some new information about the upcoming line of first-party video game titles but an in-depth look at the Xbox Series X. As a result, Phil Spencer has stated that they will hold an Xbox digital event with more details slated to come in the coming weeks.


You may have recalled that Sony skipped E3 2019 and they were doing the same this year. As a result, there was no conference planned from the company though they have been releasing streams to showcase what is coming out from them in the near future. We’re still waiting to see when the next big event or stream from Sony will take place. It’s within this next big stream that we’ll likely get the PlayStation 5 reveal.


Bethesda has held a conference usually prior to the other big conferences at E3. Unfortunately, at the moment, we haven’t heard if there will be a stream take place at a conference for this year.

Devolver Digital

Devolver Digital has been an iconic show to showcase off what new indie titles were coming out in the near future. Their shows have always been over-the-top and wacky, which we can still fully expect to see take place this year. In a tweet that was sent out from the Devolver Digital Twitter account, the company has stated that they will be planning a livestream Devolver Direct press conference. Nothing has been confirmed quite yet on when it will take place, but don’t expect Devolver Digital to sit out of the fun.

PC Gaming Show

For the past few years, PC Gamer has thrown together the PC Gaming Show during E3. With E3 cancelled, a post from PC Gamer unveiled that they are currently looking into different possibilities for this year’s PC Gaming Show. At the moment, nothing has been confirmed on when or potentially where the show will take place.


Much like Microsoft’s Phil Spencer, Ubisoft was quick to send out an alert regarding their conference. Ubisoft’s tweet stated that they are supporting ESA’s decision to cancel E3 2020 but they will be exploring a digital experience alternative. More information will likely come soon.

Square Enix

Square Enix is standing with the ESA decision and has since tweeted out that they will be exploring options to provide gamers with content coming out from them.


EA was present during E3 2019 where it had a series of live stream broadcasts as the company was looking to provide viewers with more gameplay footage for their video game titles while dropping a pre-show news conference. It’s likely that would have been the case for this year as well and so far it doesn’t look like EA has any plans to hold a conference livestream.


Nintendo dropped out from E3 press conferences for several years now and has instead offered an E3 Nintendo Direct. Viewers got a look at what was coming from Nintendo in the future while at E3, those that attended had a chance to check out select video game titles in person. Meanwhile, there was usually a stream held at the show called the Nintendo Treehouse: Live Show. As a result of the company not holding a traditional live press conference, we’ll likely still receive a Nintendo Direct.