Epic Games Store Offering Watch Dogs And The Stanley Parable For Free

The Epic Games Store launched with some heavy competition thanks to the popular Valve Steam digital marketplace. With Epic needing an edge to sway gamers onto their client, they offered free video game titles. This clearly worked and it allowed The Epic Games Store to grow and thrive. Today we’re finding out what the next two free video game titles are for users that have created a free account. 

For the past year, the Epic Games Store has offered players with free video game titles. All that users needed to do was create a free account and simply claim the free video game titles. These titles can be kept forever and installed whenever you feel like playing them. As a result, this helped Epic grow its digital marketplace and it doesn’t look like the free video game title offers are going anywhere. Right now, there are three video game titles that players can claim for free. Those video games are Anodyne 2: Return to Dust, A Short Hike, and Mutazion.

With that said, next week the free video game title offers will be Watch Dogs and The Stanley Parable. As mentioned, you just need to claim the video game titles within the period of a week before the next video game titles are rotated in their place. In other news regarding The Epic Games Store, Epic has recently implemented a wishlist feature to help users keep track of the games they wish to purchase later on or potentially be gifted.

Source: EGS