Dreams Accolades Trailer Boasts a Creative Technical Masterpiece

Media Molecule’s latest title, Dreams, is finally available, and with the gaming community coming out with crazy creations, the creative juices have been flowing harder than ever before!

The developers released a new trailer today for the game showcasing the game’s best moments and review highlights from well known critics among the gaming industry. If you’re still not sold on the game, this accolades trailer might just put you over as its pretty epic.

Check out the epic accolades trailer for Dreams down below:

Media Molecule’s long-awaited title is finally here and after years of waiting to get our hands on the game, many of us wonder was the wait worth it?

Well, according to reviews on Metacritic, it seems that Dreams is a major success. Media Molecule is known for creating super immersive games that give players the tools to allow their wildest imaginations run wild and with Dreams that couldn’t be more true. Early reviews for the game are calling the title an once in a generation title, filled with breathtaking moments and endless possibilities.

If you’re the creative type, Dreams will be up your lane, but it seems the game appeals to more than just creative types. Make sure to check out our review roundup for the title right here!

Dreams is now available for the PS4. Did you pick it up yet? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube