Call of Duty Mobile Will Drop Zombies Mode This Month

The Call of Duty franchise is massive and it’s constantly seeing big numbers in terms of revenue along with active players enjoying the game after each installment’s release. Recently, we saw a new spin on the franchise with the introduction of a mobile video game for smartphones simply called Call of Duty Mobile. Now it looks like that mobile game is going to get one feature dropped that may upset some players who log in daily.

One of the elements this Call of Duty franchise is known for is the zombies game mode. It’s a wave-based mode where players take out an assortment of undead zombies while upgrading their gear, unlocking new areas of the game or completing some objectives. As a result of its popularity, there is usually a zombies game mode added in with each new installment and that was the case for Call of Duty Mobile

Zombies were added into Call of Duty Mobile at a later date rather than at launch, but it’s clear that fans were enjoying the base game. Controls were simple and the gameplay took the best maps and attributes of the multiplayer from the previous Call of Duty games and added them right in the mobile adaptation. 

After zombies were added in, it seems that the developers were not too pleased by how the gameplay handled and that’s the reason it’s being removed on March 25, 2020. Going forward, the development team will continue its focus on supporting the game and likely continue to add new content. Perhaps Zombies may make a return if the development team can find a way to make it that meets their standards in the near future.

Source: Gamerant