Mario Kart Tour Will Receive Multiplayer Support On March 8

Mario Kart is a beloved Nintendo IP and a franchise that has been around since the days of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Each new console came to a brand new installment and for the most part, fans have enjoyed the games throughout the years. It wasn’t long ago that Nintendo made a jump towards supporting the smartphone and tablet market. By doing so, they are bringing over different adaptations to their line of IPs, one of which is Mario Kart.

Within Mario Kart Tour, players go through various classic maps with a slew of familiar Nintendo characters. It plays just as a standard Mario Kart title would play. Now new support is coming to the mobile title that will add in multiplayer. If you want to connect with friends, enjoy some competition with nearby players or simply play online against anyone else enjoying the game, you’ll soon be able to do so.

Mario Kart Tour will receive an update on March 8, 2020, that’s this Sunday and with it will come the new multiplayer support. It will add in a few different options just as we made mentioned above. However, for those of you who want to compete in premium races which will feature 150cc and 200cc options, though they will be locked outside of those who are Gold Pass subscribers. 

Perhaps this game will continue to find support for those who are still enjoying the mobile adaptation of Mario Kart. For now, we can at least mark our calendars for March 8, 2020, when the game will receive the latest update that adds multiplayer and competitive races.

Source: IGN