Riot’s Valorant F2P FPS Slated For Summer 2020 Release

Riot Games is best known for the successful MOBA title, League of Legends. However, last year it was clear that the studio was looking to branch out a bit by developing other unique titles. One of which was an FPS that would be free-to-play called Project A. Since that announcement, we now know that game title is Valorant and it’s coming sooner than perhaps some may have anticipated. Valorant will be coming this summer, but we don’t have an exact release date quite yet.

Valorant is going to bring two game styles into the title. Riot Games is taking hero characters much like Overwatch and mixing it with an intense FPS like Counter-Strike. The former element, will apparently not be as centered focus attention as the game matches can take several rounds and abilities could take multiple rounds to recharge. As a result, the focus is more on precision with gunplay. 

There’s plenty of anticipation for this game and now it has been unveiled that the game would see a release in the summer. We don’t have a specific release date attached to the project quite yet as Riot Games is holding multiple betas to help flesh out any areas they may need to after hearing back from the player response. 

If this game has a great beta then we could see the title come out early into the summer months. With that said, we’re not sure when the betas will take place or if they will be open for everyone to try out. At the very least, we know that the game is coming soon so, for now, we can enjoy some of the footage released for the title while waiting for the official beta announcement.

Source: PC Gamer