New Free Games Are Available Through Epic Games Store

When it comes to purchasing video games on the PC platform, there are several avenues available. Digital marketplaces may be plentiful for PC gamers, but there are two big competitors at the moment. While most have been used to enjoying their PC games and access to new titles through the Steam platform from Valve, Epic Games has brought out their own digital marketplace with the Epic Games Store. 

Epic Games may be best known for Fortnite at the moment, but they would also like PC users to know about their digital marketplace as well. Epic Games Store has really been fighting against Valve’s Steam platform by acquiring deals with publishers along with developers in order to secure exclusive rights to a video game release. This hasn’t always landed favorably in the eyes of fans, but the revenue cut is also a better deal for the game creators. In a way, using Epic Games Store as an exclusive marketplace could give fans a bit more money in return to further develop new video game titles.

One of the biggest means for PC gamers to install the client from Epic Games Store is the free video game titles they offer on a weekly basis. Each week, Epic Games Store offers a video game title or two for players to claim and keep forever. It’s secured quite a few users on the platform as you may find some great video game titles available completely for free. 

This week, there are two video game titles available to claim which is Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Aztez. These games will be free until next week where they will go back to being available for purchase. With that said, we do know that next week, the free video game title for the claim is Faeria.

Source: Epic Games Store