Development Team Aimed To Teach Inspiring Game Creators With Spider-Man Script Book

When it comes to video games, there are so many aspects that go into video game creation. This is especially true for big studios that are working on a franchise that has a worldwide fan base. One of the aspects that you may not consider much is the narrative that goes into the game campaign. As a result, Insomniac Games is bringing out a script book for their recent release, Marvel’s Spider-Man. With this novel, inspiring developers are able to get a look into the thought process and work that went into crafting the narrative storyline. 

Speaking to Vice, Insomniac Games Jon Paquette, talked about the process of writing for a video game. In fact, if you’re expecting the process to be similar to other mediums like films then you’re mistaken. There is a ton of work that goes into creating a storyline for video games and it’s not just the main campaign. Likewise, there is not necessarily a script that gets passed around or made copies of that features everything. According to Jon Paquette, if the studio were to print the full script, it would be bigger than the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

As a result, most studios tend to keep the script through an online database. For instance, there are some pages of just dialogue though you can see some script sections that are more traditional for the campaign cutscenes that help progress the story. Most of the time, the scriptwriters are working with the game designers and asking a series of questions. If there is any point in the game where a developer doesn’t understand the meaning behind an objective or a mechanic, then there is instantly some work available for the team of writers in order to craft a storyline to help give players some background about a current situation. 

This scrip book is not available until February 11, 2020, but those interested can pre-order the game right now through Amazon. For now, you can enjoy the game fully right now on the PlayStation 4. If you’re uncertain if this game is for you then feel free to check out our Before You Buy episode uploaded embedded above.

Source: Vice