Netflix Accidentally Posts Resident Evil Series Description 

Netflix has a vast collection of original content and it seems that there is no stopping this behemoth service in bringing out even more franchises into the market. One of the rumors that have been circulating online is that Netflix would be adapting the Resident Evil franchise, though there hasn’t been a full announcement on the matter. Instead, all we have been getting was rumors and supposed leaks on the series.

While Netflix has yet to dispute or come out and confirm these rumors, it does seem that they slipped up recently and uploaded a show description in the media center. It wasn’t up for long as Netflix took it down, but thanks to the Wayback Machine on Archive, we can see the listing. It doesn’t offer very much in terms of what to expect, but its a little bit of info we didn’t have before.

Removed Show Description

The town of Clearfield, MD has long stood in the shadow of three seemingly unrelated behemoths – the Umbrella Corporation, the decommissioned Greenwood Asylum, and Washington, D.C. Today, twenty-six years after the discovery of the T-Virus, secrets held by the three will start to be revealed at the first signs of outbreak.

In the past, there were rumors that filming was going to take place in South Africa, while there were also rumors that stated the series would follow the daughters of Albert Wesker. That is a rumor at the moment as we’re waiting for the official announcement on the series along with what the premise will be as the show description so far doesn’t narrow in on what exactly what the series will bring in comparison to the video games along with the blockbuster movies. For now, all we can do is wait and see what comes of this series from Netflix.

Source: Archive