RUMOR: Resident Evil 8 Protagonist, Enemies & More LEAKED

Resident Evil has been doing extremely well lately with the fan base. The last mainline installment to the franchise, Resident Evil 7, took the series back to its roots by focusing on a classic survival horror experience. This sparked the idea to bring out a Resident Evil 2 remake that did incredibly well and now the development team has confirmed that they are working on a Resident Evil 3 remake.

While we haven’t had an official announcement on Resident Evil 8, there was a previous rumor that has circulated online that suggested Capcom scrapped the project after years of work. Now a new rumor that’s supposedly full of leaks is hinting at what all we can expect when the newest installment hits the market.

According to the leaked reports going around online right now, it seems that Resident Evil 7 protagonist Ethan is making a return along with the first-person perspective gameplay. This leak is also making note that the game will feature a rural area full of villages and a castle meanwhile the enemies you fight against will be traditional zombies from the franchise.

Speaking of enemies, Capcom will have some new types entering the installment if the leak is to be believed. Apparently, there will be wolf and ghost type creatures. While animals have always played a role in the series being mutated and dangerous to combat with, seeing a ghost-like enemy will certainly be unique.

As you likely already imagine, it seems that we will see a familiar face at least one with Chris Redfield making a return, but we’re uncertain at what capacity as Ethan may be the leading protagonist again. At any rate, this Resident Evil title, which is supposedly not going to be labeled as Resident Evil 8, has yet to be confirmed so all of this information is simply a rumor for now and very well could be false.

Currently, we know that Capcom is developing the Resident Evil 3 remake which is set to launch on April 3, 2020, for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms.

Source: YouTube