Nintendo Almost Altered Their Logo For Adult Appeal

When it comes to Nintendo, the name and brand have been around for decades. Everyone knows of the family-friendly video game company that has brought out several big-name video game consoles and characters. Now a new report has come out that unveils years ago Nintendo had the idea of changing up the look so that the family-friendly stigma of the company would be lost in hopes of getting a wider audience appeal. 

While Nintendo had a massive catalog of fan-favorite video game titles, it seemed that Nintendo was looking to branch out from the audience that was associated with the company. Rather than continue to be a name known for kid titles, Nintendo had the idea of changing the logo up and it would allow fans to see that there were more than just E-rated titles. 

This news comes from the former Nintendo of America president, Reggie Fils-Aime who claimed Nintendo wanted to make the change early into his career at the company. When this information came to his attention, he was quick to put a stop at the logo changes which would have apparently been done to look like graffiti. Instead, the company kept up with the same oval that had the Nintendo name in the middle.

While Nintendo may have been known for some child-friendly video game titles, it was clear that the company didn’t need any drastic logo changes to make a profit. With the likes of handheld systems, innovative consoles, and now the hybrid Nintendo Switch console, it’s clear that there is a massive fan base for Nintendo that’s not just being picked up for families or children. There also doesn’t appear to be any changes in the works at Nintendo now, though, with Reggie out of Nintendo and Doug Bowser in his place, we never know just what’s in store for us next from the gaming company giant.

Source: Go Nintendo