Sony Ditching Destination PlayStation 2020 Event

When it comes to the gaming industry this year there is plenty of eyes on both Sony and Microsoft. We’re gearing towards the exit of both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to make room for the next-generation console releases. However, neither company has made any big unveiling quite yet. Sony has dropped out of E3 2019 and they are doing the very same for 2020, but now we’re finding out from a journalist online that Sony is dropping the Destination PlayStation event this year.

For those who may not be familiar with Destination PlayStation, this is a presentation held by Sony to offer what’s to come on their end for different major retailers. It’s a good means to catch the marketplace up for their big releases and hardware, but now it seems that Sony will be dropping the whole event to likely make room for something grander. Of course that is from Mike Futter and his multiple sources who alerted his followers online.

While we have heard some features about the PlayStation 5 like it’s DualShock controller and the fact that it will have an SSD, there is still plenty of big features left out of the public for now. Likewise, there are plenty of gamers wondering what the price will be for the console when it drops along with any exclusives that will be available at launch.

There’s no word just yet on when Sony plans to unveil the PlayStation 5, but because they are moving away from the E3 expo, there is likely plenty of ideas and plans on how to unveil the console along with hyping it up from now until the holiday season when it’s slated to launch into the marketplace. For now, we can only keep our eyes out for any potential news of a PlayStation 5 themed event from Sony.

Source: Twitter