Exit The Gungeon Heads To PC & Consoles This Year

Enter The Gungeon released back in 2016 by Dodge Roll and the game was a massive hit. Overall, players were fighting through an area known as the Gungeon while dealing with a slew of enemies and gathering loot along the way. It wasn’t very long ago that the game received a spin-off title known as Exit the Gungeon, though it was unfortunately for a lot of players, an Apple Arcade exclusive.

Apple Arcade is a subscription service that features both premium and exclusive video game applications without any in-app purchases. One of the exclusives that came with the service was Exit The Gungeon, though, through a tweet from the official Twitter account of Dodge Roll, it was announced that the title would be exiting its exclusivity deal this year.

We don’t have any details as to when Exit the Gungeon or the secondary spin-off game, House of the Gundeads, would be making its way into the market, but 2020 will see the launch of both titles on PC and console platforms. However, most fans will likely be interested in jumping into Exit The Gungeon once it launches officially on platforms outside of Apple.

For those of you who may not be aware, Exit The Gungeon is another bullet hell dungeon climber set after the events of Enter The Gungeon. Now the Gungeon is collapsing, those stuck inside must fight their way back out to freedom using quick maneuvering around the shifting rooms, bizarre weapons, along with fighting off intense bosses along the way.

Source: Twitter