The Outer Worlds Slated To Launch On Nintendo Switch In 2020

The Outer Worlds is a big video game release from Obsidian Entertainment and as a big RPG experience, there are players actively going through the title on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. With that said, there are still Nintendo Switch players that are eager to get their hands on the RPG space drama. While Obsidian Entertainment has stated the game would find a release on the Nintendo hybrid console, it’s been kept in the dark on just when it would officially launch.

Now a new report has been unveiled as Private Division, the publishing company that is behind Obsidian Entertainment’s The Outer World release has claimed the Nintendo Switch port will be available early 2020. We don’t have a specific release date yet but the fiscal year for 2020 ends on March 31, 2020, so we do expect the game to launch before the end of March 2020.

This open-world RPG has been receiving positive reviews from both critics and fans alike. It’s a lengthy title for the mere fact that you’ll have a variety of choices throughout the campaign that may alter your pathways. Still, if you’re uncertain if The Outer Worlds is right for you then we suggest looking at our Before You Buy coverage.

In this video series, we supply some gameplay footage while we go over our impressions of the game in hopes that you’ll get enough questions answered to either direct you towards the game purchase or steer away towards a different game.

Source: Polygon