Blizzard Announces An Overwatch Sequel

Overwatch 2 was leaked previously which we reported on, but today we can officially confirm that Overwatch 2 is in development. The video game sequel may be a bit of an odd choice seeing how Overwatch is an online competitive FPS full of unique heroes for players to take control of. Likewise, it’s got a pretty big fan base so some would find it unusual not to keep Overwatch and simply update it with new expansions. However, this sequel will add content that will be available to the original title along with some unique game modes that may sway some players to purchase the installment.

With Overwatch 2, players will receive new maps and heroes. However, what really sets this game apart from the original installment is that the upcoming sequel will have a story mode. With story missions allowing up to four-player co-op, players will be battling against an enemy force across the globe. It’s with this story mission that players can further upgrade their heroes, though we’re uncertain at the moment if these hero upgrades are story-based upgrades or something that can be brought over into the multiplayer aspect as well.

Speaking of multiplayer, Overwatch 2 is bringing out new maps and heroes that will reportedly be available for the original Overwatch title. We could see a seamless experience for multiplayer online or at least that’s the hopes for Blizzard Entertainment. So far, there is no official release date attached to the game yet, but for now, you can view the official announcement trailer posted above.

Source: PC Gamer