Kohl’s Unveils Their Black Friday 2019 Deals

Black Friday has become a massive holiday at least within the United States. It’s a massive event around the country where retail stores mark products at a massive discount in an attempt to move units for more stock and also to bring in some sales. We’re officially at the start of November and with just weeks away before the shopping holiday event hits, big retailers will soon unveil what deals and promotions they’ll be offering.

The best part of Black Friday as of late is that you can take part in most items right online. That means there is no need to rush out into the cold and camp out at your local retailer’s at a chance to get an item discounted. Likewise, there’s no more big crowds and swarms of shoppers to deal with either. We already got one retailer who has posted their Black Friday 2019 deals and that’s Kohls. The whole advertisement is not out yet from what it appears but a small preview has been uploaded online that consumers can take a look at.

In that preview are a couple of doorbusters, which means that for these items you’ll have to go in-person and be one of the few to claim the item. This can be easier said than done if you live in a highly populated city. Still, if you’re going for a console, then you may find that these three deals at Kohl’s may be worth the attempt.

Kohl’s Black Friday 2019 Deals

  • PlayStation 4 Slim 1 TB – Fortnite Bundle $199.99 W/ $60 Kohl’s Cash
  • Xbox One S 1 TB – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Bundle $199.99 W/ $60 Kohl’s Cash
  • Nintendo Switch W/ Carrying Case & Controller Charging Dock $319.99 W/ $90 Kohl’s Cash

Source: Kohl’s