Full Project Resistance Match Uploaded Online

When Capcom unveiled that they were seeking testers to try out a new Resident Evil video game title, there was a lot of speculation going on. There were two main contenders that most had assumed Capcom was developing which is Resident Evil 8, the next mainline installment, or it would be Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, a remake much in the same style as Resident Evil 2. What we got was Project Resistance, a new video game IP with a group of players having to battle against an opposing player that is setting traps and other creatures.

Project Resistance has often been compared to Dead by Daylight, a game that follows a group of players solving a series of tasks while avoiding the main enemy. With this game, there will be a 4v1 situation where four players must solve tasks while the opposing player sets up rooms for them to progress through. With a series of tools at their disposal, players can set up traps and monsters such as zombies and lickers.

It has been a game that many fans seemed skeptical about. Some may have already written the game off as it’s not the traditional survival-horror experience that the franchise is known for. With that said, Capcom has released a new video showcasing an entire match. Now you can get a better idea on how the game will play when it finally does launch into the market though a release date has yet to be set. While the game doesn’t have a release date attached, Project Resistance will be launching for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

Source: YouTube