Capcom Extends Resident Evil Ambassador Tests To The United States

Capcom recently started sending out invitations to participate in the Biohazard Ambassador program in Japan. This was big news as it unveiled that a Resident Evil game has been in development long enough to warrant some tests from the fans. However, we’re not sure just what this game will be about as Capcom is keeping a tight lid on things. It won’t be long, however, before something is unveiled as we’re finding out that the testing phase will extend to the United States and it may continue to reach other markets around the world.

In a recent Tweet from the streamer, Patrick Copeland, we got an image of an email that was sent out from Capcom. It appears that the Resident Evil Ambassador program in the United States will give select participants a chance to test an upcoming game. For those not aware, the Resident Evil Ambassador program is for fans of the franchise and with this test, it’s required to have played at least one Resident Evil game in the past.

Unfortunately, the email doesn’t state anything about what this upcoming game will be about. There’s speculation that this could possibly be a new mainline entry to the series or even a remake of a past title like the anticipated Resident Evil 3 remake announcement. At any rate, there are two testing locations in the United States that will take place in September. From the email provided online, it looks like Capcom will be heading to Los Angeles and New York.

Source: Twitter, PlayStation LifeStyle