Japan Resident Evil Ambassador Program Seeks Testers For In-Development Game

The Resident Evil franchise has been around for decades. Gamers who enjoy the survival horror genre then you would have enjoyed a few installments from this series. Recently, developers Capcom has released a remake of Resident Evil 2, a title that was a massive hit as it kept the same formula that the original series was praised for but brought it into the latest visual and mechanical enhancements with today’s current generation platforms. Gamers may need to prepare for their next terrifying adventure as it seems that the development studio is preparing another round of tests for an upcoming video game.

There isn’t any information out yet about the game in development, but we do know that Capcom is starting to send out emails to those that are in the Biohazard Ambassador program. For those unaware, Resident Evil is known as Biohazard within Japan. This ambassador program does come with some requirements, like having played past installments to the Resident Evil series.

This test phase is supposedly taking place during September so it may seem that the next game is gearing up for a release sooner than later. Again, its unknown just what the video game is about or if it’s a remake such as the highly requested Resident Evil 3 installment with fans hoping the same treatment is given to other games in the series that Capcom offered Resident Evil 2.

Source: Biohaze, Gematsu