Epic Games Store Offers Alan Wake & For Honor For Free

If you’re on the hunt for deals then you may have sought out the random promos which marketplaces offer free video game titles either forever when redeemed or a weekly trial period. However, one marketplace you don’t want to pass up on is Epic Game’s PC marketplace. Epic Games Store may have received some flack from PC gamers over gathering exclusives away from the Steam marketplace, but they are giving gamers an incentive a means to download their marketplace.

One of those incentives is the free video game titles you’ll receive each week. All you need is a free account and from there you can download the free weekly titles. Once you download the games they will remain in your inventory forever. Today gamers can download two video game titles much like last week. For those unaware, gamers were given the ability to download Moonlighter and This War of Mine. The game selection available for this week is Alan Wake and For Honor.

As mentioned, the games are yours to keep forever just as long as you redeem your copies before the end of the promotion. Likewise, Epic Games Store offers a free video game each week, or in the case of this past two weeks, two free video games per week. In the past we’ve received Limbo, Last Day of June, Rime, and Overcooked to just name a few. If you haven’t, click on the source link below to download the client and create a free account.

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Source: Epic Games Store