Hideo Kojima Confirms Studio Is In Crunch Time Over Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima has a big following and after the split with Konami, a lot of eyes was on the famed developer to see what his next move was. It wasn’t too long before it was unveiled that Hideo Kojima would make his studio, Kojima Productions, which would develop video games with creative control which resulted in Death Stranding. The video game is coming exclusively to the PlayStation 4 and while there is a lot of hype behind the video game, it’s been unveiled that the studio is undergoing crunch time.

Crunch time has been looked down upon by plenty of people both in and out of the industry. Those that are not aware of the phrase, crunch time is when a studio puts in long hours to complete the game. This may not seem so bad but it usually means long hours with poor morale. We’ve heard some pretty horrible horror stories in regards to crunch time.

For instance, the latest batch of horror stories that came out through crunch time is Naughty Dog. Former contractors shared stories of the studio essentially forcing overtime as the work included in their weekly goals was impossible to handle with a normal work schedule. Likewise, these contractors were paid barely over minimum wage which made it difficult to take a normal work schedule.

While we don’t know just what is considered crunch time at Kojima Productions, the phrase doesn’t paint a very pretty picture. At any rate, those who are interested in the game can likely pick up a PlayStation 4 copy on November 8, 2019.

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Source: Twitter, Gamerant