Did Capcom Sell An IP For $19 Million?

Capcom is a worldwide company that has plenty of IPs under their umbrella. Still, even with all those IPs, there are only a few that get picked up for new development. It was recently revealed during a Capcom first quarter financial results briefing conference call that the company struck a $19 million deal that was categorized in a digital contents category. The problem here is that Capcom will not say what this deal was about. Now fans are starting to wonder if perhaps one of the older IPs was purchased from the company.

It’s anyone’s guess right now but during the conference call, Capcom officials only said that it was included in the digital content business and that they cannot disclose the details as the items may have confidentiality attached. Now fans are wondering if there is a small IP from Capcom that would have been purchased for just $19 million though it’s unlikely. We would be surprised to see if this studio had let a franchise go. With that said, there are some other speculations going around online such as the possibility that this is an exclusive streaming deal for something like Google Stadia.

Streaming video game services are starting to pick up and to gain the attention of gamers there are some incentives to acquire exclusive video game titles that you can only play on a particular service.

Another guess that is going around is perhaps a digital series deal like Netflix. Perhaps we may see a series strike up through Netflix based on an IP owned by Capcom. For now, it’s purely a waiting game to see if Capcom makes any type of an announcement regarding this deal.

Source: Capcom Conference Call, Resetera