Rumor: The Last of Us Part II Release Date Leaked

Naughty Dog is a massively popular video game development studio that has been turning out countless exclusives for the PlayStation console lineup. One of their biggest hits is The Last of Us, a game that follows a man named Joel along with a young woman named Ellie during essentially a zombie apocalypse. Originally released back for the PlayStation 3, the game series managed to also see a launch on the PlayStation 4 and ever since then we’ve been waiting for a sequel.

Now the sequel is closing in and while we haven’t seen any new official footage released to the public, there is a State of Play along with a media-only event dedicated to The Last of Us Part II set this September 24, 2019. 

We’re likely going to see a release date announced on September 24, 2019, where we can mark our calendars for 2020. While the events are not until tomorrow, it’s a new listing that has appeared on a Swedish retailer has marked The Last of Us Part II as releasing on February 28, 2020, but that very well could be a placeholder. What is a bit unusual is that we’ve seen rumors and statements that hinted towards a February release in 2020 and with the events set for this coming Tuesday, we could see this listing holding a little bit of weight.

At any rate, we still don’t have the official release date yet but more information is bound to release this coming week full of everything to keep you informed and hyped on the upcoming video game release. 

We won’t spoil the narrative of The Last of Us, but we’re waiting to hear about what has happened with the cast of characters we met during the initial journey and how the world has evolved over the past few years. In fact, one of the main characters of the first installment, Joel, has been missing from the footage released so far. Perhaps we’ll finally get some insight as to what has happened to the father-like figure of Ellie after the conclusion of this first installment during the State of Play upload. 

Source: Bloody Disgusting, Softridge