PlayStation State of Play September Event Announced

Sony has been following the same trend as Nintendo lately. With Nintendo leaving E3, the company has been relying more on the Nintendo Direct uploads which are essentially condensed presentations. These video uploads are often randomly uploaded online for viewers to sit through and watch, but much like Nintendo Sony has opted to do something similar. Known as the State of Play, Sony uploads a livestream presentation to alert viewers of what video games and content is coming down the pipe. Today Sony has stated that their next State of Play will be uploaded on September 24, 2019.

We haven’t had too many State of Play uploads lately and you can argue that the latest was rather short. But Sony does have a State of Play set for September 24, 2019, at 1:00 pm PT, but the company didn’t alert viewers of what to expect specifically with this stream. With that said, the entire stream will be about twenty minutes long which could mean new video game reveals or DLC for already established titles.

If the date sounds familiar then it’s because media outlets also have an event that same day which is based around The Last of Us Part II. Chances are that we’ll see The Last of Us Part II during the State of Play, though it will likely be a small bite-size video compared to what the media outlets will see exclusively.

While we’re waiting for the event to take place before we can list out what to expect, we can note that there are no plans for anything in terms of next-generation reveals. What are you hoping to see come out from this State of Play event?

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Source: PlayStation Blog