Take-Two Wants To Kill Off Red Dead Redemption PC Fan Project

A brand new mod is in the works from a fan that may deliver the Red Dead Redemption video game to the PC platform. It’s a big undertaking and while we may not get a full port, this game project quickly became a massive interest to fans. With that said, the parent company of Rockstar Games, Take-Two, has decided that this project is infringing on their work resulting in a take down notice. It’s a massive bummer for fans who were eager to get their hands on the game, but perhaps this could mean that something else is in the works for the PC platform with the franchise.

Rockstar Games delivered, Red Dead Redemption back in last generation consoles platforms, but it never saw a release on the PC platform. This was a huge hit for PC gamers as the title became a massive hit resulting in a sequel years later. Unfortunately, that sequel never released on the PC platform as well, though there has been some speculation that the port would come later on, much like Grand Theft Auto V.

Now a fan project from a group known as DamnedDev is making a texture pack for the RPCS3 and Xenia emulators, which emulate the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 hardware. These textures were going to optimize the game so that it not only ran seamlessly on the PC but also come with a few new graphical features as well. Unfortunately, the Take-Two company has demanded the group to halt production, but we’re supposed to get a video update at a later date from DamnedDev that may give some insight on their next move.

With this project seemingly dead in the water, could we see a port release officially from Take-Two? Nothing has been confirmed or revealed yet, but it would be an interesting move on their part not to pursue a means of delivering the popular game to the PC platform after years of requests by the fan base.

Source: DSO Gaming, GTA Forums