Hideo Kojima Is Prepping For The Next Project After Death Stranding

When it comes to Hideo Kojima, the famed worldwide renown developer is preparing for his debut title after starting Kojima Productions. Death Stranding is quite the anticipated video game title from Kojima and even as we near its release date, we’re still left with a somewhat cryptic premise. Despite leaving trailers that give a little insight into what’s to come, we know that eighty minutes of content will be unveiled during the Tokyo Game Show. With that said, Hideo Kojima has unveiled that he’s already starting to prepare for his next project so the hype continues to build behind Kojima Productions.

While all eyes may be on Death Stranding, the creator is already shifting his view to a new game. This piece of news came directly from Hideo Kojima’s Twitter account where he stated that the studio is currently polishing Death Stranding right now and getting ready for the Tokyo Game Show, where we mentioned that the game would be shown to those that attend the convention. In fact, the Death Stranding video game will be displayed in a period of a couple of days.

Also stated in his tweet is that he is preparing for the next project. It will likely be a good while before it was officially unveiled what this next project will be about, but we at least know that the development studio is pushing forward with a new IP soon. With the next generation consoles coming out, we’re eager to see what he’s going to tell for his next creative story. At any rate, we’ll, of course, keep tabs on the studio and continue to update you with the latest developments. As for Death Stranding, gamers can purchase the game exclusively on the PlayStation 4 this November 8, 2019.

Source: Twitter