Hideo Kojima Admits He’s Even Confused By Death Stranding

When it comes to Hideo Kojima, the famed world-renown video game developer is well-known for his video game projects. With arguably his biggest hit being the Metal Gear Solid franchise during his time at Konami, the developer delivered a cinematic experience for players to enjoy. It’s no secret that Hideo Kojima refers to the film industry when he makes video game titles and the developer has often described his work as an art form. Another given is that gamers really enjoy his titles released so when Kojima announced his split from Konami, it soon came with an announcement of his very own development studio, Kojima Productions.

His debut title is Death Stranding, a game that is being described as something entirely new and doesn’t fit any one genre. There’s a lot of moving parts to Death Stranding and thanks to Hideo Kojima keeping much of the game a secret, most the footage shown has been rather cryptic. As a result, this fueled even more hype as gamers couldn’t wait to get their hands on this game and dive into the cinematic story that Kojima has crafted up.

However, if you were to ask Hideo Kojima about the game, he will even tell you that he’s not entirely sure what the game is about. This news came from Financial Times where Hideo Kojima was reported to have said that he couldn’t fully understand the game, even now as we are inching closer to its release date in November.

There’s no questioning the fact that this is a deep and complex narrative. However, it’s certainly an interesting aspect to know that Hideo Kojima is even unsure of what to make of it. That’s art for you though and it’s one game that we’re sure will be talked about for years to come. As for when you can enjoy the game, players will need to mark their calendars as Death Stranding will be launching on November 8, 2019, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

Source: VG247, Financial Times