Capcom Releases First Teaser for Resident Evil Project Resistance

Capcom has released a short teaser for their upcoming multiplayer Resident Evil title codenamed Project Resistance ahead of TGS 2019!

The short teaser trailer gives players a little look at what they can expect from the full reveal of the game, which is presumably in a couple of days. There’s no concrete information about what the game will be about, besides the fact that it will be a multiplayer survival title.

However, from the teaser trailer, we get to see four characters fighting some vicious iconic Resident Evil type zombies. Towards the head of the trailer, we see there the appearance of Mr. X, a deadly robot that scared most of the gaming community earlier this year in Resident Evil 2 Remake.

The interesting part of this trailer is definitely the guy pulling all the strings in what seems to be a control room. Perhaps this will have players experience an asymmetrical multiplaer title, unlike anything we have seen from the franchise thus far. Time will have to tell.

Check out the first teaser trailer for Project Resistance down below:

Expect to hear more about Project Resistance in a couple of days when TGS 2019 officially kicks off — September 11. Until then, keep your eyes peeled on Gameranx for the latest breaking news in the gaming community.

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Source: YouTube