Mario Kart Tour Will Officially Release This September

Mario Kart is a long-running and much-beloved video game franchise. We’ve seen installments released across consoles to potable video game devices released from Nintendo. However, for a few years now Nintendo has moved towards the smartphone mobile market and provided gamers with free video game titles on Android and iOS. While these games are from cherished franchises owned by Nintendo, they do offer some incentives to pay for microtransactions. The same can be said with the upcoming installment of Mario Kart Tour.

We knew Nintendo was bringing out a Mario Kart video game to the smartphone market for a while now. However, the fine details of how this game would play were kept under wraps until it finally hit a closed beta allowing select gamers to enjoy and offer feedback. Now we officially know just when the game will be released into the market. As it stands right now, gamers can expect the game to officially release on September 25, 2019.

As mentioned, this is a free video game title for smartphones but you can expect some microtransactions featured within the title. While we know that there is a time limit that players can pay to cut down to enjoy the game longer or even earn some random loot, these details came out from the official beta that was held earlier this year. Now that Nintendo had time to go over the feedback from those that attended the beta, we may see some slight changes made to the microtransactions when the game does release. For now, it’s a waiting game to see just how Mario Kart Tour is received from the general public, but being a free game there is nothing stopping players from giving it a chance.

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