Microsoft’s The Initiative Continues To Hire Key Developers

In the past, we’ve covered how Microsoft is aiming to deliver more single-player focused video game titles. This particular generation didn’t see too many of these non-multiplayer exclusives release into the market, but Phil Spencer is claiming that there are plenty of teams in the works that will continue to build strong single-player focused games as they continue onward. One of those teams that are likely to deliver a single-player video game title is The Initiative, which is a brand new studio owned by Microsoft that’s still filling up spots for employment.

We don’t know just what The Initiative has in store for players just yet as it’s a new company that’s still hiring developers for their projects. However, since it’s announcement and creation, we’ve seen some pretty big talents head towards the company and that’s still going on today. Recently, it’s been discovered that four more notable names have joined in on the company according to their Linkedin profile.

Now included in the mix are Sean Slayback, Ryan Duffin, Ryan Trowbridge, and lastly, Justin Walters. These developers have worked on several projects and past studios including Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 4, DICE’s Battlefield V to the popular battle royale title, Apex Legends.

Of course, there is still plenty of open slots available from the company including divisions in art, design, engineering, operations, and production. We’re sure there will be both veterans entering the studio along with some newcomers to the industry. However, we’re likely not going to see what this studio has planned for the Microsoft console and windows platforms until potentially next year’s E3 though that is purely speculation on my part.

Source: VGC