More Single-Player Focused Games Are Coming From Microsoft

When it comes to single-player narrative-focused video game titles, there seemed to have been a slight drop off this particular generation. With the popular genres like battle royale making a big impact on connecting gamers to competitive matches, the push to deliver single-player titles may not have been the biggest priority. Likewise, these multiplayer-focused games often provide the IP owners a means to continue a revenue stream from in-game additions and content updates.

Microsoft also didn’t feature a ton of single-player video games this generation in particular. There may have been some concern from fans wondering if the next few years would follow the same trend and leave players out of luck with single-player exclusive content. That won’t be the case as Xbox head, Phil Spencer, spoke about the issue on Twitter in reply to a user. According to Phil Spencer, there is going to be new single-player exclusives coming to Xbox.

This is mainly due to the various studios that Microsoft have acquired. Several of these studios have previously worked on single-player video game titles and that will continue with upcoming releases under Microsoft. Unfortunately, Phil Spencer didn’t offer any other details on the matter but it should reassure gamers that the single-player video game titles are starting to become a more prominent focus on at Microsoft. We likely won’t see any of these video games unveiled until next year’s E3 where Microsoft will likely hold another big press conference to unveil the next big installments coming for Project Scarlett, Windows 10 and Xbox One.

Source: Twitter, Gamerant