Hyper Light Drifter & Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Coming To Epic Games Store For Free

Epic Games Store may not have the warmest welcome from PC gamers as there’s been some pretty big pushback from fans of Valve’s Steam platform, but to help sway some gamers in downloading the marketplace storefront software, Epic Games is providing players with free video game titles every week. There are no strings attached either as all you need is a free account with Epic Games Store to claim and secure your video game titles.

Unlike some of the other premium services that are offered from Sony and Microsoft, gamers who wish to keep the video game titles won’t have to rely on paying any type of fee to keep the games in their possession. Once you redeem your free video game it will be yours to keep forever. You’ll be able to install and uninstall it at any time, but this only works if you have a free account and redeem the copy available game before the week is over. For instance, last week we got two free video game titles which were For Honor and Alan Wake. This week we have Gnog, a 3D puzzle video game title, but now we know what next week’s video game titles will consist of.

After the release of Gnog starting on August 15, 2019, gamers will receive Hyper Light Drifter and Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden. Gamers will have until August 22, 2019, before Epic Games puts the price tags back on these two video game titles. Even if these games are not your cup of tea, you may still want to create a free account as in the past we’ve received several other titles for free such as Oxenfree, Moonlighter, and This War of Mine.

Source: Epic Games Store