Death Stranding Reveals The Character Heartman

Death Stranding is a highly anticipated video game title as it’s Hideo Kojima’s first production since the split with Konami. After years of working with the development studio and in charge of not only Metal Gear Solid but the Silent Hills title before it was scrapped, Kojima will soon show off to the world his full creative control over a unique IP. However, everything we’ve come to see of the upcoming game proves the story will be complex.

Hideo Kojima is one for a deep plot and narrative for players. Since he left Konami, Kojima decided to open his development studio known as Kojima Productions with the first game being a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Since its reveal, Hideo Kojima has been a bit cryptic with Death Stranding and only giving fans small bits of information about what’s to come. We’re finding new details about the game through different events, with the latest reveals coming from the San Diego Comic-Con 2019. During SDCC 2019, Hideo Kojima held a panel where he showed off Heartman, a character that will be present in Death Stranding that was modeled by film director Nicolas Winding Refn.

According to Kojima, Heartman will die every 21 minutes and for a few minutes, he will spend time in the afterlife before his heart is restarted by an AED. We’re not entirely sure why but it seems that the character is researching death and the afterlife. How big of a character he will be in the game narrative remains to be seen, but that doesn’t surprise us as again, Kojima keeps info pretty secretive.

For now, we’ll have to wait and see what else is unveiled for the upcoming video game but we won’t have to wait very long before we can play it. Currently, Kojima Productions is releasing the game on November 8, 2019, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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Source: Gamesradar