Fallout 76 Raids Are Coming This August

Fallout 76 released to underwhelming reviews and fan feedback. Since then, the development team over at Bethesda has worked on new updates and features to implement in the game. One of the latest features is raids and according to a panel at QuakeCon 2019, the first raid is taking place this August. Now is the time to start preparing your crew for your venture into Vault 94, but before you’re ready to open it up, here’s everything we know so far about the raid.

As mentioned, the raid was first unveiled during QuakeCon 2019 when a panel was held showcasing info about the game. During the panel, we got the first bits of information about Vault 94, where a team of up to four players can attempt the raid. Right off the start it’s worth noting that Vault 94 will be a raid that can be attempted alone or up to four players rather than being a strict four player only event. This raid will also feature several puzzles so you’ll have to think your way through the raid rather than relying on gunning down the hostiles within. Furthermore, there will be difficulty options with the higher difficulty offering the more premiere loot.

Other than the puzzles, we do know that the raids will feature drops throughout with the first good loot being set towards the middle of the raid. This way if you fail the raid you’ll still get something for the time spent before attempting it again. At the end of the raid, you’ll unlock some power armor so it does make it a raid worth going through fully. More raids are planned and, it won’t be very long after Vault 94 that the next raid will be released, but that next raid lined up is still in development. Currently, Vault 94 is slated to open on August 20, 2019, but that’s of course if all goes to plan so we could see it get pushed back from the studio.

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Source: VG247