Leaked Images Appear Online For Gears 5 Custom Xbox One Controllers

Gears 5 is one of the biggest video game titles Microsoft has coming out this year and it’s been highly anticipated since we closed the Gears of War 4 chapter. Before we can dive into the game and enjoy the campaign of online game modes, we may find ourselves prepping our gear as it appears that we may get a custom Gears 5 controller. Recently, a supposed insider over at Microsoft decided to share with the internet an inside look at the upcoming controller. You can take a look at the images tweeted out below.

It’s not surprising to see Microsoft push Gears 5 as it’s one of the biggest video game exclusives owned. After the letdown in many gamers eyes with Crackdown 3, Microsoft may go the extra mile with the upcoming launch of Gears 5. One of the means to support the game and help out with franchise marketing is a new custom controller. This wouldn’t be the first time Microsoft delivered a Gears themed controller but we don’t have any official look at the controller quite yet.


Above you can see what may supposedly be the custom controller from an insider that goes by the name of Idle Sloth on Twitter. The user tweeted out some images of the controller which looks mainly similar to the box art of the upcoming video game. Again, it’s uncertain as to if this will be the controller or not as Microsoft has yet to fully unveil the controller. For those interested in the video game itself, development studio The Coalition is aiming to launch Gears 5 on September 10, 2019, for PC and Xbox One platforms.

Source: Twitter, Gamerant