It Looks Like Nintendo May Fix Joy-Con’s Affected By Drift For Free

This is not an official report right now but it looks like Nintendo is going to start offering a free repair policy to those affected with the Joy-Con drift issue. This has been a problematic controller for gamers as the Joy-Cons that comes with each Nintendo Switch unit seems to have a defect. If you owned the Nintendo Switch very long you would have been affected by the Joy-Con drift which is an issue that causes an analog stick to register a movement without the gamer pushing the analog in any particular direction.

While the Joy-Con drift has been present since the release of the Nintendo Switch, there doesn’t seem to be a full fix. There have been suggestions on what to do in order to help the Joy-Con out for some duration of time, but eventually, you’ll end up with the same problem. If you opted to seek out Nintendo’s official help, you would end up having to pay for a repair or would eventually just break down and purchase a brand new Joy-Con set. This wasn’t something that gamers were too fond of and with a persistent problem is proving that there need to be some revisions to the controller.

Recently, Nintendo was hit with a lawsuit about this very problem. Nintendo hasn’t made any official statement, but a new memo is going around online that is supposedly showcasing news that Nintendo will soon alert fans about a new policy that will grant free Joy-Con repairs to those affected by the problem. Furthermore, if this memo is real, we may see Nintendo offer refunds to those that paid for a repair previously. For now, it’s a waiting game to see if Nintendo officially makes any statements on the matter.

Source: Vice, Game Informer