Media Molecule May Offer Contracts To Creators Using Dreams

Dreams went into early access back in April of 2019. This is a PlayStation 4 video game by developers Media Molecule, but instead of being a traditional game, players are simply given tools to create worlds to even video games. We’ve seen some seriously remarkable works of art through the use of Dreams, with some fans even recreating levels from beloved video game titles released in the past like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time to Super Mario Bros. This tool is making its rounds online with new works being released from fans regularly, but it looks like that gamers may find themselves dropping fan creations to instead work for Media Molecule.

Media Molecule, a subsidiary of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has been around since 2006. With video games like LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway released, this studio may be a household name for PlayStation followers. As mentioned, their latest release, Media Molecule on early access, is getting plenty of attention, but the development studio is looking to bring in new useful tools to the program before it’s fully ready for the public. As a result, they are going to seek out those that are responsible for some of the exceptional pieces of work released by fans.

Media Molecule recently held a listing asking for people to apply for a contract position. This job requires players to have a portfolio of content through the use of Dreams and must work with a team. Essentially, if you’re highly skilled with Dreams, then chances are you may be able to provide some useful thoughts and insights for tools to be added into the program. This listing doesn’t allow any applications to be submitted just yet but the development studio will be opening the floodgates of applications soon.

Do you have what it takes to deliver great content through Dreams? If so then check out the listing within the source below. Likewise, this will give you a first real step into the game development industry.

Source: Media Molecule, Game Informer