20 Minutes Of Gameplay Footage Showcased For Iron Man VR

Note: Footage begins at the 59 minute mark.

It was just earlier this year that we got the announcement of Iron Man VR, a new upcoming video game for the PlayStation VR that puts you into the role of Tony Stark. Gameplay footage and information have been brief since its announcement but during San Diego Comic-Con, the game was present during Marvel’s livestream. Now that it’s officially available online, here are twenty minutes of gameplay footage.

The upcoming title is said to have a unique storyline for players to enjoy with a decent campaign length. In the gameplay footage, we get a live demonstration of a tutorial of sorts. Players will be taking on Tony Stark by his Malibu mansion. In this area, players are given the overall basics on how to fly while in the Iron Man suit along with various attacks.

As you can imagine, the display overall shows the traditional HUD that Tony Stark views while in the suit. Unfortunately, we’re still waiting on the actual release date for this upcoming VR title. We’ll have to keep tabs on Marvel’s Iron Man VR but for now, we know that the game will be released exclusively on the PlayStation VR platform.

Source: YouTube, Upload VR