Super Mario Maker 2: How To Earn Coins Fast | Farming Guide

To complete the final project and unlock the Mario Builder costume in Super Mario Maker 2, you’ll need to earn 1,000 gold coins. It takes a lot of grinding, and you’ll probably already have all the levels complete, so we’re going to share three levels that are easy to grind for fast coins. Each of these levels will only take a few minutes to complete, and they’ll net you 100+ coins each.

There’s a Story Mode in Super Mario Maker 2, and it’s all about teaching you all the wild, wacky options this game has. There are totally new gimmicks thrown in that have never appeared in previous Mario games — there are seesaws that send enemies flying, flying machines that spit fireballs, and grabber arms you can use to swing around. This game breaks all the standard Mario rules, and encourages you to do the same.

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How To Earn 1000 Coins Fast | Farming Guide

After beating Super Mario Maker 2 and completing all the jobs, there’s one final task waiting for you — you can rebuild a statue in the empty lot of the castle, but it’s pricey.

You’ll need to save up 1,000 coins — and that’s after spending well over 7,000 coins on previous build jobs. If you’re looking to earn more coins fast without replaying a ton of levels, here are the best stages to grind.

Job #55:

Very consistent, easy level where you ride a car. Gets you 100+ coins per run. There’s a 50 coin in this level you won’t want to miss. If you get them all, you’ll earn a nice 117 coins.

Job #56:

Another coin-hunting mission. This one requires 80 coins, but you can collect upwards of 100-150 per run.

Job #70:

One of the quickest levels to grind. You can earn 80 coins in about 20-30~ seconds per run.

Job #76:

This level has a standard completion challenge of 50 coins, so you have to earn at least that many to complete it. You can earn about 50-80 here — not too hard, but not too many coins, either.

Job #90:

Another very late level, but it’s very short. It only takes about 30 seconds to complete, and gets you about 40-55 coins per run.

Replay these levels, and you’ll be rolling in coins. If there are even better methods, we’ll update you here on Gameranx.