Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker – All Super Gem Locations | Mario Odyssey Levels Guide

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker gets a second chance on the Nintendo Switch, and there are four totally new levels based on Super Mario Odyssey for the Captain to explore — these aren’t just bonus stages either, they have bonus objectives and Super Gems to unlock. That’s why we’re diving in lamp-light first to show you how to 100% these brand new stages.

Unlocking the Super Mario Odyssey levels takes a little bit of time — you need to complete Episodes 1 through 3 — essentially, the entire story mode. After reuniting Captain Toad and Toadette, the Mario Odyssey levels will unlock with a bunch of other bonus stages you can explore. The only true stages are the Super Mario Odyssey levels, and there are levels based on some of the best stages in that game — New Donk City, Sand Kingdom, Cascade Kingdom, and the Luncheon Kingdom all get a tricky stage.

For more Captain Toad collectibles, check out where to find every hidden Captain Toad location in Super Mario Odyssey.

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All Super Gems & Bonus Objectives | Mario Odyssey Levels Guide

There are three hidden Super Gems in every level. Finding them can be challenging, so learn where to look to find all of them in the complete list of locations below.


  • Secret of the Inverted Pyramid
    • Super Gem #1: On the raised platform near the double Bullet Bill cannons. Tap the platform to reach it.
    • Super Gem #2: From the touch block you’ll need to reach the floating platforms, enter the interior room and ride it down to access the second Super Gem.
    • Super Gem #3: The last Super Gem is floating near the top of the Inverted Pyramid. To get it, grab the root turnip on the high floating platform and throw it.
    • Bonus ObjectiveIn the underground ice cavern, tap the larger touch block to reveal a hidden alcove you can enter. Go inside to find a hidden drop that leads to the Gold Mushroom.
  • Mine Cart Cascade Crusade
    • Super Gem #1: Outside the cave, ride down toward the giant dinosaur fossil. Look in the huge skull’s nose hole.
    • Super Gem #2: Past the fossil, turn left to see POW blocks in the cliff wall. Break the last POW block to reveal a Super Gem.
    • Super Gem #3: Near the end, shoot the POW blocks to set-off a chain reaction, causing a rock pillar to fall. The Super Gem is on this falling pillar.
    • Bonus Objective: To get enough coins, you’ll need to shoot every enemy and POW block. You’ll get the most coins from the multiple POW blocks past the fossil — collect most of those, and you can easily earn more than 320 coins.
  • Uptown, Downtown
    • Super Gem #1: Enter the white / gold skyscraper in the back corner of the ground level to find a team of toads. One will give you a Super Gem.
    • Super Gem #2: In the sewers, find it near the second piranha creeper. Activate the power, then ride the lift up above the piranha creeper. Drop down on it to get the gem.
    • Super Gem #3: The last gem is at the top of the tallest skyscraper. Activate the power and use the moving scaffolding to reach the top.
    • Bonus Objective: To complete the bonus objective, you need to defeat all six enemies in this stage — two hammer brothers, and four piranha creepers. The hammer brothers are the hardest — climb up to the three story building roof and wait. One brother will jump to the front door — another will jump under the hanging girders. After turning on the power, use the lifts and higher ledges to jump on the four creepers in the sewers.
  • Cookatiel’s Sizzling Sprint
    • Super Gem #1: Around the first corner, stay on the left side and hit the single P-Switch to make this Super Gem appear.
    • Super Gem #2: Sliding down the ramp, you need at least three Toads to hit three P-Switches. Hit them all and the second Super Gem will appear.
    • Super Gem #3: Later, the path will split with a P-Switch on both sides. You need at least two Toads so you can hit both P-Switches.
    • Bonus Objective: Complete the stage with all four Toads — to do this, complete the Super Gems first so you can ignore the P-Switches. You have to complete the track without getting hit or losing a Toad. To do that, bunch them up early and don’t lean into walls or they’ll create a line that’s hard to control. If you can keep the group in a tight circle, it’s much easier to complete this difficult challenge.