Sony Uploads Feature Length God of War Development Documentary

God of War was one of the biggest video game launches of last year and it gave plenty of gamers a reason to pick up a PlayStation 4. Not only was this a soft reboot but a continuation of Kratos, a character we’ve come to love and enjoy playing as since the days of the PlayStation 2. Now years later we’re all likely done with our journey through the 2018 release of God of War, but if you’re still wanting more from Sony’s Santa Monica Studio then perhaps this new feature-length documentary will suffice.

Today Sony has uploaded a nearly two-hour long video upload that goes over the development studio’s time with creating God of War. Gamers can get an inside look at some of the choices made at the effort that went into making one of the biggest exclusives to have released on the PlayStation 4. Even if you didn’t enjoy the video game or cared for the franchise, this is a good example of the insides of development for the video game medium. Best of all this documentary is available completely for free so you don’t have to fetch over any money in order to see the inner workings behind Sony Santa Monica.

You can check out the full documentary upload above and if you’re interested in picking up God of War for the PlayStation 4 then we suggest looking at our Before You Buy episode upload below. We give you some gameplay footage along with some pros and cons of the overall video game experience.

Source: YouTube