Tetris 99 DLC Will Allow Offline Gameplay

Tetris 99 was a surprise release on the Nintendo Switch platform. It got plenty of attention as a unique battle royale style video game. Likewise, it was a completely free video game titles, but it did come with a slight catch. Players had to be an active Nintendo Switch Online subscriber in order to enjoy the video game. Overall, the game was simple to understand but a challenge to play. You have your standard Tetris rules but with the added in component of facing against 99 other opponents. As a result, players can use different means to attack and defend their board from oncoming blocks.

It’s a fast-paced video game title and has had plenty of active players, but today we’re finding out about DLC for the game which will give players the ability to enjoy Tetris 99 offline. The DLC is titled the Big Block DLC which will add two offline gameplay modes. First up you have the standard Tetris 99 gameplay but with bots instead of players. This will be a good jumping point for players wishing to hone their skills and prepare for online gameplay. Secondly, the Big Block DLC adds in a standard Tetris marathon which is the standard Tetris gameplay mode we’re all used to playing.

If you’re a fan of the game and wish to enjoy some practice or just want a standard Tetris video game on your Nintendo Switch to enjoy on the go or at the comfort at your home then you’ll have to pay out $9.99 in order to gain the new game mode additions.

Source: Game Informer