Sony Finds New Director For Uncharted Film Adaptation

We’ve seen a number of video games being rumored to take on a movie adaptation over the years. Some of these actually end up seeing the light of day and while most of the online fan base would agree that the film adaption counterparts don’t tend to bring in the real charm of their original video game origin, it’s always exciting to hear about a beloved video game franchise making its way to the big screen. One of those films is the Uncharted adaptation which has been discussed for years now. But now it looks like things are going according to plan for Sony.

We still don’t have a film production date set up yet but in the past month, we’ve heard Sony has been looking for a replacement director to taking the spot after Shawn Levy stepped away for another film production. Now it looks like Dan Trachtenberg, a director who is known from his 10 Cloverfield Lane film. However, prior to his big directorial debut, Dan brought out a fan film of the Portal video game franchise called Portal: No Escape, so it would seem that the director has a love and joy over video game titles and likely have enjoyed the Uncharted franchise.

This is of course just the latest development but there are still some obstacles to overcome as the lead protagonist is gearing up for the upcoming release of his latest big film release. Tom Holland is set to play the role of a young Nathan Drake. However, instead of being able to start production up, Tom will soon start the press junket for the upcoming film release of Spider-Man: Far From Home.

At any rate, we’re going to keep tabs on this film as Uncharted itself is a franchise that’s highly compared to the film franchise Indiana Jones. Perhaps with such a cinematic film experience that Uncharted is known for will translate well to a live-adaptation film but only time will tell.


[Source: Variety]