Sunset Overdrive Finally Hits The PC Platform This Week

Since Microsoft announced the Play Anywhere service that would essentially bridge the gap between Xbox One and Windows 10, exclusives for strictly the console became extremely rare. However, prior to the announcement of Play Anywhere, there are a few video game titles stuck behind Xbox One’s exclusivity. One of those titles is finally making its way into the PC platform as we’ll soon be able to enjoy Sunset Overdrive on our gaming PC’s.

Developers Insomniac Games have spoken before of their interest in bringing over the Xbox One exclusive title to the PC platform but it remained up to Microsoft. Out of the blue, it seems that Microsoft is bringing the game over to the PC platform at a discounted price of just $19.99. Within the game, players are set in a vibrant colorful city which has been taken over control by mutants and you have to deal with it.

The story and gameplay is wacky and while it received positive reviews, there has yet to be a sequel. There have been comments before in the past regarding a sequel, though again like Insomniac Games previous comment regarding a PC platform release, the sequel is in Microsoft’s court. Perhaps if the PC release does well enough then that could warrant a new installment to the franchise but that remains to be seen.

Currently, Sunset Overdrive is set to launch on November 16, 2018for just $20. If you have yet to play the game then you finally do so tomorrow likewise you can check out the latest trailer for the title posted up above.


[Source: Insomniac Games]