Insomniac Games Would Love To Port Sunset Overdrive On PC

Since this year’s E3 2016 expo, Microsoft has been attempting to close the gap between Windows 10 and their Xbox One console. We’ve seen countless new video game titles go from being just an Xbox One exclusive video game to being available for both the PC and Xbox One platform.

Additionally, there has been a push for past Xbox One video exclusive video game titles to release on the PC platform as well. Two of the biggest titles which have yet to see a PC release have been Halo 5: Guardians and Sunset Overdrive.

One could argue that with the recent release of Halo 5: Guardians Forge tools being available on PC could suggest that 343 Industries and Microsoft may be interested in bringing out the fifth main Halo installment to the PC platform. However, when it comes to Sunset Overdrive, it’s only now that we’re getting word about a port interest from the development team.

One user on Twitter reached out to developers Insomniac Games on if there is any chance to see Sunset Overdrive on the PC platform. Insomniac Games stated that they would love to see the game release on PC, but in order for this to happen Microsoft would have to allow it.

While the reviews for Sunset Overdrive were overall positive, the game didn’t see a big release and porting the game on PC would certainly help bring more profit in. There could be new adopters for the game, but for now, it seems that the game remains an Xbox One only exclusive.