Insomniac Games CEO Talks About Sunset Overdrive Sequel

Back in 2014, Sunset Overdrive was delivered within the Xbox One platform. Being an exclusive title, only gamers who owned an Xbox One console was able to enjoy the game, but since its release, we haven’t seen any news really regarding a sequel. During an IGN interview, Insomniac Games CEO, Ted Price, spoke of a potential sequel and it appears that this time around it wouldn’t be a platform exclusive.

Insomniac Games is being covered quite frequently now in the media simply due to the fact of their latest release, Marvel’s Spider-Man, was a massive hit. This particular game released exclusively on the PlayStation 4 where players got to step into the role of Peter Parker in a brand new adventure. However, fans of the Sunset Overdrive IP may have been waiting patiently for a potential sequel and that wait might continue.

In the past, Insomniac Games have spoken of their interest in going back to the IP but they were previously waiting on Microsoft to pick up the title once again for publishing. Speaking with IGN, Ted Price spoke of how handling sequels are oftentimes easier than just making a brand new IP in general.

“I think one of the great things about starting a franchise and having the opportunity to make sequels, is that you’ve, in many cases, made the hardest decisions already.”

Ted Price went on to say that because the original title already released, developers can make a better overall game for the sequel due to knowing what works with gamers from the first installment. However, as it stands right now, there is no sequel in the works. The Insomniac Games CEO also stated that right now developing games has become more of a timing challenge along with bandwidth issues.

While nothing is currently in the works as it appears from the IGN interview, Insomniac Games does know of the general interest in bringing back the franchise and if this interest keeps up there could be a chance that we’ll see a new installment release but this time with a publisher that can deliver the game across multiple platforms.


[Source: IGN]