Shadow of the Tomb Raider: All Llama Locations | ‘Como Te Llama’ Guide

Everyone loves llamas, and so does Lara Croft — and you’ll find a couple of them in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. After escaping nefarious Trinity agents, you’ll eventually find a peaceful location where you can rest, relax, and soak in the beautiful atmosphere of the Peruvian Jungle. This is where you’ll be able to pet all the llamas — it’s fun, and you’ll earn the ‘Como Te Llama’ achievement / trophy, which is a pro pun.

Because this is such a simple guide, I’m going to share some interesting llama facts with you all. Llamas are a close relative of the camel, and just like camels, they’re known to spit when threatened. Llamas also don’t have hoofs — what looks like a hoof is actually two large toe-nails. Llamas are also very social, and like sticking around with herds of other llamas. Sometimes, they’re even used to protect sheep, because they have keen senses and a natural fear of predators. They’ll quickly alert the herd if a nasty coyote or mountain lion is skulking around.

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All Llama Locations | ‘Como Te Llama’ Guide

To unlock the ‘Como Te Llama’ achievement / trophy, all you have to do is find five llamas and give them a good pet. Just press [Y / Triangle] when you find them, and Lara will pet them. They’ll let out a happy llama sound. There are more than five llamas in the Hidden City, but if you need the extra help, just check out the locations listed below.

  1. Starting from the entrance to the Hidden City, the first llama is right next to Unuratu’s home.
  2. Go south of the house, past the praying worshipers and down the stone steps. There’s another llama on the left, on a little grassy landing.
  3. Go west to the center of the Hidden City, across the bridge. Go to the marketplace and you’ll find a llama penned-in at the corner.
  4. There’s another llama very close to the previous one. Just look to the right and head up the shallow steps to find him, hanging out in the shadows.
  5. Go south of the marketplace until you find a house with hanging clothes drying in the wind. There’s an outdoor pen with one last llama at this house.

Pet all five, and the ‘Como Te Llama’ achievement / trophy will pop. It isn’t too hard, but petting llamas is a reward all its own.