Shadow of the Tomb Raider: How To Solve Every Challenge Tomb | Puzzle Solutions Guide

Unlock powerful perks for Lara with these nine Challenge Tomb locations in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Challenge Tombs are essentially puzzle-dungeons. You’ll find enemies, traps, and tricky mechanisms to overcome in each one, but there’s a permanent upgrade perk you’ll earn at the end of each one. That’s a pretty worthwhile prize.

Some of the best permanent upgrades include increasing your breath while underwater, giving you an instant second-life if you’re killed in a combat encounter, or giving you the ability to notch three arrows at the same time. You can even increase your charged arrow’s power to cut through armored enemies. There are lots of useful perks, and if you’re playing on hard mode or just want to 100% this game, you won’t want to miss out on every single challenge tomb.

Find all the Challenge Tombs in the complete guide below. First, I’ll describe where to find them, then you’ll find a complete solution guide, taking you step-by-step through each puzzle.

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How To Solve Every Challenge Tomb | Puzzle Solutions Guide

There are 9 Challenge Tombs to complete. Follow the links below if you want to jump straight to the Challenge Tomb you’re looking for.

Table of Contents | Challenge Tomb Guides

Underworld Gate | Challenge Tomb Guide

The first Challenge Tomb is located in the Peruvian Jungle, right next to the Canyon Ruins basecamp. Squeeze through the ruins and rappel down, then axe-swing to the main puzzle.

  1. Start by pulling the turnstyle mechanism clockwise, then shooting a rope-arrow to create a path across the gap.
  2. Pull the giant lever up to release a hanging cargo crate. Jump onto it as it slides by, and return to the first mechanism.
  3. Push the turnstyle counter-clockwise and connect the hanging crate with a rope arrow. Climb back up to the giant lever from Step #2.
  4. With the crate still connected by a rope, pull the giant lever and it will start moving back to its original position. You have some time before the rope snaps. Jump back onto the container and ride it up.
  5. At the top, you can traverse up to your reward.

Reward: Eagle’s Perch – Increase climbing skills to traverse the environment with more speed.

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