Spider-Man PS4 Combat Trailer Showcases New Weapons, Move sets, and More; Spider-Punk Suit Debuts in Action

The latest Spider-Man PS4 trailer focuses on the in-depth combat system Insomniac Games created for the game.

Similiar to last week, we are treated to a delightful conversation between J. Jonah Jameson, head of the Daily Bugle, and just a friendly neighboorhood citizen, The trailer follows the same format as the open-world trailer where the two have a discussion while explaining the game mechanics. It’s a seamless and very smart way to both convey the mechanics of the game and give players a taste of J Jonah Jameson before the game’s launch later next month.

Check out the trailer for yourself down below:

As you could see from the trailer, Insomniac Games isn’t holding back on this veteran Spider-Man. He comes with spider-bombs, suit upgrades, and much more. Matter of fact we also got our first look at some different suits in the game, most notably the Spider-Punk suit. This is just a little taste of what’s to come as Insomniac Games stated that the Spider-Man PS4 is filled with suits for players to choose from. These “Just the Facts” trailer are extremely well done and I can’t wait for more.

Spider-Man PS4 is set to release exclusively to the PlayStation 4 on September 7th,

Source: IGN